Few of you would disagree that the quality of clinical diagnosis relates to how well you have taken a patient’s history, done a clinical examination, and requested appropriate further investigations. This has parallels with the way in which you are more likely to reach a robust career decision if it is based on thorough self assessment followed by sufficient research to obtain accurate information about different career options.

But life doesn’t always match these ideals. In many parts of the world accurate diagnosis is impeded by lack of appropriate diagnostic technology. And those of you who have not managed to secure an appointment might feel that doing accurate career research in the current climate is a similarly impossible task.


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Title: Career decision making in an age of uncertainty.

Authors: Joan Reid

JDocs is a Framework that describes the many tasks, skills and behaviours that should be achieved by doctors at defined early post graduate year levels and will assist in their development towards a career in surgery and other proceduralist careers.

On this website an interactive version of the JDocs Framework is available as well as information and guidance about a career in surgery together with resources that support the framework.


Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine

Are you thinking of quitting clinical medicine, or finding an alternative medical career? If so, you may want to read Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine.

Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine

Career changes are becoming common among professionals in recent years. Many physicians may want to change direction, but often do not know whether it is the right thing to do or if pursuing a career outside of clinical practice would achieve their professional goals.

Moving to a career beyond clinical medicine takes careful consideration. We work with you, understanding your individual needs to help clarify your career goals and find the best solutions fast.

Moawad, H. 2013, Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine, Oxford University Press

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7 Tips for successful interview answers

Do you want to stand out as an excellent candidate from the sea of good ones? Do you need help answering tricky consultant interview questions? This article below list 7 Tips for successful interview answers along with some great model answers.

medical-563427_1920Candidates need to demonstrate that they are up to speed on management and politics. Some questions and types of questions come up regularly so it is important that candidates have some set answers prepared. Get answers to tricky interview questions here

Grewal, P. 2015, Great answers to tricky consultant interview questions



(Summation: This article provides advice on answering interview questions, and some example responses.)