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What is career counselling? 

Career counselling is the process of identifying why you are undecided on a career pathway, or why you are not enjoying your current line of work. It is more than just filling in a questionnaire and being told what profession suits you, but instead it is a reflective process which identifies your values (Personally and professionally) and together with the counsellor you design a career pathway that brings you fulfilment.


What will you do in your sessions? 

Career counselling is a very reflective process which challenges you to consider what you value about your job, your current work situation and what you value in life and whether these values all align.

There are many reasons someone may be uncertain about a career pathway and the sessions with Medical Career Planning will assist in providing clarity to the uncertainty and will facilitate your journey to discovering the ideal career for you.


The career issues facing each individual are different, so the amount of sessions required are varied – Some doctors may find their answers in one or two sessions, others may require more.


How does coaching benefit you? 

A career counselling program can help you in many ways. Counselling with Medical Career Planning will;

  • Provide you will support throughout your career decision making process
  • Provide an independent and unbiased discussion surrounding your career
  • Give you the opportunity to ‘bounce ideas’ off someone who is independent from your workplace
  • Explore careers with you – Medical, non-medical, non clinical and non traditional careers
  • Provide interview preparation training if required
  • Discuss the role of personality assessments and values in the decision making process
Examples of assessments:

Personality assessment

Career Values assessment

Career Obstacles assessment

Career Pathway Interests

Transferrable Skills assessment

Employability assessment

Industry Exploration assessment

+ more


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