Alternative Medical Career

Does the thought of a non clinical career interest you?
Are you considering leaving medicine?

If you're thinking of quitting clinical medicine, or finding an alternative medical career, you are not alone. Many doctors choose to drop out of patient care and go on to find a nonclinical job.

"Doctors who decide to stop seeing patients are usually glad they did -- and in many cases, they're earning as much money as they did in clinical medicine" - Steve Babitsky.

We recommend you give the switch, to a new career, careful consideration. We work with you, understanding and assisting you to clarify your career goals and find the best solutions fast.

"Finding a new career is a big decision that requires a lot of soul-searching" - Heather Fork, MD

Who Switches, and Why?

UnsureNo one has pinpointed which specialties change careers the most, but we do know which specialties report the most burnout, which is a factor in career changes.

The transition into a new career can be very difficult. We understand you have spent much of your career practicing medicine and haven't had many opportunities to be developing other skill sets. It may be a challenge to convince a prospective employer that you have more to offer besides being a clinician.

Despite the risks, however, plenty of doctors still decide to make the leap. Are you ready to consider something new? If so, Medical Career Planning can help. We explore your personal skillsets and strengths and help you find the best solution. Below is an article that is a great starting point.

Check out ‘I’ve Had It With Medicine!’ 16 Options for Second Careers. Continue Reading

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