Self Study Course

DISCOVERY is a self-study course providing affordable and accessible career planning resources to allow you to work through your career concerns.

This course is designed to be a start for doctors and medical students to consider their career and their career planning.

It will help you to evaluate what is important to you, and which field of medicine may be best suited to you.

Discovery is a self-paced course designed to be completed over a 4-8 week period and each module will work through common career concerns and provide resources for the participant to work through their own career journey.

The course provides a stepwise approach to addressing career uncertainty and the exercises along the way aim to assist the participant to discover their own career intentions, what careers are available and how to work towards this.

The objectives of the course are below.

Objectives for the course:


To provide the participant with a framework to assist in their career planning and decision making.


To provide techniques to evaluate the participant's career journey and to use these reflections and observations in planning their future career.


To highlight the available careers for doctors and medical students in the clinical and non-clinical fields. 

To identify the participant's personality types (using MBTI) and provide information on how a personality type impacts career decision making.

To provide information around core values and the importance of considering core values in career planning.


To provide the participant with some career planning tools to assist them in identifying suitable medical specialty pathways and how best to pursue them.

To provide resources to the participant to assist their career planning journey.

Completion of this course will provide the participant with a structured approach to planning their medical career and creating the most fulfilling medical career for them. 

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