Information and Pricing

Career Counselling Starter Program = $349 inc GST

Step 1: Online Career Assessments

In the career counselling starter program we start by assessing your values and personality.  You will receive an email with a link for the online career assessments and you will receive the reports for these within 24 hours of your online appointment.

Personality Assessment

The personality assessment is based on the theory of psychological types described by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung which was adapted by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs, now known as Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  It assesses four aspects of your personality and allocates a ‘type’: Extroversion – Introversion; Sensing – Intuition; Thinking – Feeling; Judging – Perceiving.

Within the session, your counsellor will apply your MBTI type and explain common MBTI themes that medical professionals display.

Values Assessment

The values assessment asks a series of questions to determine your underlying values. The values report will be provided to you and allows you to compare your values with your current situation and careers you are considering.

Step 2: Career Counselling Session (75 minutes)

In this session your counsellor will;

  • Explore your current situation and how it is impacting on your career uncertainty or dissatisfaction
  • Listen empathetically and confidentially to your career concerns and/ or uncertainty
  • Highlight any potential career modifiable factors and create a plan to work through these
  • Explore potential medical careers (Clinical and non clinical) that the client has expressed interest in
  • Explain your MBTI report and apply it to your situation and discuss any career blind spot
  • Explore careers that the client may not have yet considered as an option
  • Discuss your values report and how it may impact your specific situation

Step 3: Post session report

The post session report is an outline of the key points discussed in the session. The report is issues within 5-10 days of the session to allow both the counsellor and the client an opportunity to reflect on the discussion. The post session report will outline discussion points, useful resources and potential careers for the client to explore.

Follow up appointment = $249 inc GST  

The follow up appointment (60 minutes) is optional and recommended to occur 3-4 weeks after the original session, which allows the client optimal time for reflection.  

Depending on the needs identified in the original session the following assessments may be recommended:


Transferable Skills

Assessing the clients transferrable skills which can be applied to a different field of medicine, or different industries


Career Industry Exploration

Assessing the clients interests and providing a report for suggested non medical fields


Career Life Skills

Career Life skills the client has

“This work with you has been outrageously helpful”

- James

Career Counselling advanced Program = $899 inc GST (Regular value = $1,246) 



Career counselling starter program

  • Values Assessment + report
  • Personality Assessment + Report
  • Initial appointment and post session report

An additional two appointments with career counsellor

  • In addition to the initial appointment
  • Appointments are recommended to occur monthly

Additional assessments based on requirement

  • Career industry exploration
  • Transferable skills
  • Career life skills

Full access to ‘Discovery’

  • An 8 module online course with career planning resources (RRP $399)

The advanced program is recommended to those considering medical career transitioning (into non clinical fields or clinical), those considering leaving medicine or those wanting to have regular support.  

Partial payment/ payment plan is optional.   

“Discovery” - Career counselling and planning online course = $139 inc GST

8 part online, self paced course with videos, homework exercises and resources.  

Anticipated completion time = 6-9 hours. Recommended to be completed over 4-8 weeks to allow time for exercises and reflection.  

The aim of the course is to;


Identify career decision making barriers


Use past and current experiences to identify areas of interest to help predict future career satisfaction


Provide details on the variety of specialty programs available


Provide information on non clinical and non fellowship areas doctors can work in


Discuss personality (MBTI) and how our personalities impact on our career decision and any blind spots or modifiable factors we can identify


Consider core values and integrating this into our pathway


Provide some career planning exercises (career mapping etc)


Provide information on additional topics such as transferable skills and how to identify these and 'sell' them

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