Medical Career Questions

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Q: What is the benefit of speaking to a medical career counsellor?

A: Some people find it useful to speak to a completely independent person who is not a family member, not your boss, not your hospital administration or a friend. Of course, these people are helpful for a lot of doctors but speaking to an independent counsellor will provide an unbiased, non emotionally invested discussion about the challenges of career planning and career directions.


Q: Will a career counsellor help me get onto a training program?

A: Yes and No. There are many training programs with many complexities and a career counsellor does not have the ability to get you on to a training program. However the process may identify personal and professional areas that a client should work on to assist their ability to be accepted. Career counselling may also identify the need to improve interview skills, resume writing or networking skills and these can be addressed.


Q: Will the results of a personality test tell me which speciality area to get in to?

A: The simple answer to this is no. A personality test can indicate what your personality type is and highlight what your strengths and weaknesses may be depending on your personality.  However we all know that tests can get it wrong, so it is important to analyse the results which a career counsellor will facilitate.  Combined with career counselling, a personality test can be very effective.

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